Install your Flextheme

After following the steps described in this article, you should now have a working environment where you can install your theme and start building your website.

1. Download your theme

Please login to your new Flotheme Account and use the download link within.
Make sure you download both the theme and the Flex Plugin right away.

2. Check Files

Make sure that your downloaded file is a .zip file. For Mac users, the file is often unzipped.

In this case, make sure to compress the unzipped folder.

3. Temporary Domain/ Live Website Install

Before activating the theme, we need to check whether you will install the theme on a temporary domain (staging) or on your live website.

If you are moving from a different platform or decide to work on staging, most probably you will have a temporary domain given by your hosting where you can directly activate the theme. In this case, go directly to step 4. 

If you currently have a WordPress theme, you can work on your new Flextheme with zero downtime. You don't need a maintenance plugin.
You can use FloLaunch to create a test website and work on your new website privately. The good part is that any other users will see your default website.

You can download the plugin here.

A full tutorial on how to use FloLaunch can be found here.

4. Install Theme

Login to your WordPress site, then go to Appearance > Themes > Add New:
Select Upload Theme > Choose File > and locate your theme on your local computer (the .zip file that we previously mentioned) > click the Install Now button. WordPress will upload and extract the theme archive for you.
You are now ready to activate your theme. Simply click the Activate link (see below)

5. Install FlexBlock

After you activated the theme, you need to install FlexBlock plugin.
The theme won’t work properly unless you install FlexBlock plugin before start using it.

In case you have not downloaded Flex Block plugin from Downloads, after the theme activation you will see the notification in red to install Flex Plugin:

If you missed the message and will try to use Flex Block without the plugin being installed, you get a message to install the plugin:

The next step is installing other recommended plugins to assure a proper functioning of your website. Go to Recommended plugins to configure the plugins that you'll need to get started.

6. Activate your License

Make sure your order key is set under Flex Admin -> My Account.

 A common mistake is that users are using the key related to a different purchase (Usually an installation service) and because of that they do not receive updates.

You can get your order number from your account at and then in the orders tab:

So make sure you are using the key for the current activated theme, it should be an 8/9 digit number in the following format XXXXX-XXXX for new themes.
If you didn’t receive your order key please contact us at

NOTE: The Order ID must be inserted without the hashtag (#) symbol. Otherwise, you will not be able to update the theme. 

If after adding the order ID you're still getting an error that your theme wasn't activated, we'd recommend getting in touch with your hosting provider and ask them to check whether your theme folder name is the correct one. The name of the folder inside your File Manager will depend based on your theme. The format for Lyra should be "lyra", not "lyra-1", etc. 


'Package could not be installed, missing stylesheet' error

This happens if the zip file has the wrong name and sometimes if you're uploading the file using Safari. 

To solve this, use Chrome. Next, unpack the file that you just downloaded and you'll find a folder inside. Compress that folder. It should have your theme's name, ie Try uploading it one more time and you should be good to go.

'Destination Folder Already Exists' error

If you're receiving this error, it means that there was a previous install of this theme on your website and there already exists a folder with the same name on your server. Follow these steps to solve the issue.

Blank Screen or an "Out of Memory" error.

*NOTE If automatic installation fails for any reason, please review the process above and review your steps. If you still are experiencing installation issues, another option is to use an FTP service (such as FileZilla) for installing your theme. Note this method is for intermediate users and should only be used if you cannot upload via the WordPress installer.

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