Flothemes Hosting FAQ

1. What if I need more space or decide to Upgrade? 

If you think you need more space, drop us a message and we'll recommend a different package for you that will suit your needs.

There's always the option to upgrade from one package to another in case of need, just email us and we'll assist.

2. Do I get any discount if I pay the yearly plan?

Yes! You get 3 months for free if you decide to purchase the subscription yearly.

3. Will you update all of my Plugins?

The packages include updates for all Floplugins and for Flotheme Aproved Plugins like WPML, WooCommerce etc. Per request, we can update plugins outside our approved list for an additional fee.

4. Will I still have control of my website?

For sure! We're taking care of the technical aspects of WordPress, so you can simply enjoy populating and managing your website, without any troubles!

Still got questions? Let us know!

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