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By now, you already know how big of an impact hosting can have on your photography business and which criteria you should look at when choosing the best provider for your website. You also know that there are different types of hosting solutions, each comes with certain benefits or limitations, depending on your needs.

Having worked with and supported creative businesses for over a decade now, we’ve always been on the lookout for the best possible solutions out there, that can simplify the life and workflow of our clients. We’ve tried multiple providers, shared our experience and recommendations, and finally decided to launch our own cloud hosting package meant to remove ongoing issues related to theme, WordPress, plugin updates, etc.

In this article, we’ll explore all the options included with Flothemes cloud hosting and review its benefits for your website/business.

Why cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a relatively new type of hosting, which became very popular over the past few years. The main idea behind cloud hosting is the following : your website is hosted across a network of connected cloud servers. Unlike other hosting solutions, cloud hosting can use resources from different cloud servers to serve your website. 

Cloud hosting offers a very high level of reliability, flexibility and performance. It also delivers fast loading times and superior security.

Why Flothemes hosting?

In the past years, we’ve seen customers struggle with unreliable hosting providers that have affected their potential business growth. We realize that web hosting is an essential investment for any site owner. We also know that time is precious, and you’d rather focus on expanding your photography business, than stressing about constant issues related to updates and site maintenance. Our cloud hosting packages aim to solve this.  

Need more info to decide if this is for you? Here are 7 reasons to switch to cloud hosting:

  • Performance – with cloud hosting you get blazing fast loading times without any configurations. This is achieved with the help of built-in caching engine and CDN (content delivery network). On top of that, you can further improve your site speed by following these best practices.

Here is an example based on our Lyra demo page. No optimization plugins have been used:

  • Reliability – this system is very reliable, because it uses resources from multiple cloud servers and if one of them goes down, it will be instantly replaced by another one. These servers can easily handle traffic spikes and diverse system failures.
  • Security – every WordPress install is isolated, which  means you get a higher level of security. Also, you can easily enable and secure your site with an SSL certificate or even use your own certificate.
  • Backups – losing your entire website is a nightmare, and the list of reasons why that may occur is long. To keep your website on the safe side, we offer daily backups, so you can easily restore a recent version.
  • Updates – the packages include monthly theme, plugin and WordPress updates. This will offer you the confidence that your site is always up to date and performing at its best.
  • Support – you can finally get the best possible results from your website with no stress related to WordPress maintenance. Focus on your site’s content and design, while we take care of the technical stuff.
  • Extra perks – beside the features listed above, you also get free migrations, a staging environment, local development environment, site cloning and more.

Why we chose Flywheel?

Flothemes is a customer-focused company, just like Flywheel. The goal of this partnership is to offer you the easiest way to get started with your Flothemes site and have a stress free experience. In this way, you can enjoy doing what you love, while we keep your site running.

Flywheel created a platform built specifically for WordPress sites, which offers a delightful cloud hosting experience. It offers a high level of security, reliability and performance. Their robust system coupled with our beautiful designs make the perfect combination for a seamless experience for any website owner.

Here are their 7 core values, which resonate with our values as well:

  • They care about their customers
  • They are hungry for challenges, improvements, new products and food 🙂
  • They are a work in progress
  • They believe design matters
  • They embrace weirdness
  • They are productive community members
  • They are are data-informed, not data-driven

What are the packages?

Currently, we offer 3 cloud hosting packages/

Our pricing model is competitive, focusing on client benefits over profit. We aim to remove ongoing theme, WordPress and plugin update issues with this new solution, offering lightning fast cloud hosting, backups and storage packages starting from 10GB.

We believe that the value provided will be worth the investment in comparison to standard hosting solutions.


Get started today and forget about all the struggles that you have previously faced with your hosting and site updates! 

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