My Account Information

Changing Passwords 

If you lost your password, head to My Account and click on "Lost Password". You should receive a reset link on your email.

In case you haven't, please submit a ticket.

I lost my login information

In case you don't remember the email you used for your account and you can't therefore change your password, email us with your Order ID and our team will help.

Can I download my theme anytime?

Yes, you can. Under Flothemes -> My Account -> Downloads you'll have the option to download your products. Since the themes are activated only when you add the Order ID, there's no expiration date when it comes to your themes (unless they've been removed completely from the shop).

Change your email address

In case you've lost access to your email, email us with your Order ID and our team will help. Note that the email needs to be registered on the same person. Transferring an order from one email to another that doesn't belong to the same person is not possible. 

Change your business details

To change your Billing Address, Name and Password, you need to log in and go to the Account Details Tab.

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