Flex Block Shortcuts

Flex Block Shortcuts

Here are the shortcuts that are available in Flex Block:

Cmd + S -> Save your progress in Flex Block.

Cmd + Z -> Undo the previous action.

Cmd + Shift + Z -> Redo the previously cancelled action.

Cmd + C -> Duplicate the selected element/group (the element/group in focus).

Cmd + A -> Select all elements/groups.

Shift + click on elements/groups -> Multiselect.

Cmd + G -> Group the selected elements/groups into a new group.

Cmd + Shift + G -> Ungroup the group in focus.

Backspace/Delete – removes the element/group in focus.

Enter – opens the Settings tab for the element in focus.

Esc –  a) for the element/group in focus, Esc deselects it, b) if Layers or Settings tab is opened, Esc closes the tab, c) if nothing is in focus and no tab is opened, Esc  exits the Flex Block.

Space – expands Add Element bar.

Move the element in focus with keyboard Arrow Keys -> Up, Right, Down, Left. Holding the Shift while pressing on the arrow increments the step by 10px. Holding Cmd + Shift + arrow increments the step by 100px.

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