Removing FloThemes icon

We are often asked how the Flothemes footer copyright can be removed from the themes.

None of the themes allow us to do that. But there is a plugin that will help you to remove it.

Flo Footer Credits Removal plugin is included with Pronto All-in-One theme and can be downloaded from your Flothemes Account after the theme purchase. After the plugin is installed the footer credits will disappear. The only steps that are required here are to install a plugin and activate it – the plugin activation will automatically remove the icon.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 2.11.46 PM

If you want to add something else instead of the FloThemes credit icon, for example, an icon or link,  you can do that by editing the Flo Footer Credits option.

Use your own HTML instead of the FloThemes icon

The Flo Footer Credits plugin's main functionality is removing the FloThemes credits icon.

The plugin however also allows inserting your own content instead of imagery and links. These can be added via HTML markup.

The most frequent HTML elements met in this area are the links and image HTML tags:

If you are not familiar with HTML, that is not a problem. The WordPress text formatter can do the coding for you.

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