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Manually Create a StyleKit

When making a new Pricelist you have the option of creating new StyleKit tailored to that Pricelist specifically.

The fastest way of manually customizing a StyleKit, is to use our Quick Setup function.

You will then be asked to choose between Creating a New StyleKit, or Importing from a Flotheme. Select Create a New Stylekit.

At this point, you will need to upload a Logo, Customize Font Styles, and choose the main StyleKit Colors.

Import StyleKit from a Flotheme

If your Flotheme supports the option of importing a StyleKit into FloHub you can easily do this and keep the same color and font settings within your website and pricelists.

*Note – if your theme does not support importing Styles into FloHub, the Import from a Theme option will be inactive.

Once, you’ve decided to import from a Flotheme, you will still need to manually upload your logo, and make certain font and color adjustments if necessary.

Below we have a video explaining the process.

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