What not to do while using FloLaunch 2.0?

There are a couple of things that are not recommended to do while using FloLaunch 2.0.

  1. The first thing would be to not add any new content to the old site, but only on the new site that is made through Flo Launch. The reason is that when you are going to publish the test site, everything you have on the old site is going to be lost and replaced with the content from the new site created with Flo Launch.
    In case you added the content to the Live site while working on the Clone site and you want whose content to be available on the new site, before launching the new site (Clone), you need to duplicate the recently created content on the Clone site.
  2. The second thing would be to not delete anything from the Media, to not delete any plugins and themes because that will affect the live website as well.
  3. Strong caching plugins are known to cause conflicts to the FloLaunch clone mode.
     There are a few plugins that might create conflicts with the FloLaunch plugin:
  • Heartbeat Control by WP Rocket – conflicts with FloLaunch. It blocks the compatibility check and stops at step 2.
  • ManageWP Worker – due to its security settings, it blocks access to run the compatibility check for FloLaunch (both versions).
  • W3 Total Cache plugin. While this plugin has lots of useful and strong features to speed up your website, it has a few options that can sometimes cause inconsistent database reading, meaning that some changes are not reflected as expected. We strongly recommend disabling the Database Cache and Object Cache options while using FloLaunch.

NOTE: Please note that the FloLaunch Plugin is a free product fully developed by Flothemes and we can't guarantee compatibility with all hosting providers. 

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