How to install FloPicTime plugin

You can download FloPicTime plugin on our website Plugin Page.

Once the ZIP file with the Plugin components has been downloaded, proceed to upload the Plugin to your website.

When you download any plugin, you will receive it in a ZIP File. (in some cases, your webs browser may unzip the file automatically. If this happens, you will need to zip it back up in order to upload your site)

There are a few simple steps, to install a Plugin downloaded in a ZIP File:
1. Go to Plugins – Add New
2. Click on Upload Plugin
3. Click on Browse… button to locate the plugin within your computer and upload

Below we have a video explaining this process:

  1. In case you installed the plugin through Search from – you will get a free version of the plugin (that can later be upgraded).
  2. If you purchased the Pro version of FloPicTime plugin from our Plugins page, you can install and activate full version right away (read more about activation here).
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