Instagram feed via your Footer Layout

There are basically 2 types of Instagram Feeds you can add to the Footer of your site.

1. Dummy Instagram Feed – these are images you upload from your computer (make sure to size them consistently)
2. Live Instagram Feed – connect your Instagram Account and images will update automatically.

1. Dummy Instagram Feed

With option #1 you can manually upload images to your Instagram Feed and then simply link your Instagram account, so that every time someone clicks on any of the images from your heed, they'll be redirected to your Instagram Account.

You just need to select "Uploaded Images" as your "Images Source" and add your images.

2. For Live Instagram Feed

You can access your footer settings via Flotheme → Footer → Instagram Area, and scroll to the "Images Source" section.

Choose the "Shortcode" option and add your shortcode from your plugin there. We usually recommend integrating Smash Ballon with our themes. Here's how you can integrate it with your Flotheme.

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