Internet Explorer not showing Contents

Internet Explorer is a browser that is constantly evolving and updating. Currently it has been completely replaced by the Edge browser.

The Edge browser is up to date with all Web Technologies and works a lot better in terms of compatibility than its predecessor, Internet Explorer.

That doesn’t change the fact that some users still use the deprecated Internet Explorer browser, which sometimes does not display website contents as expected because of not being able to support latest Web Technologies that the entire Web is now using and supporting.

One of the possible malfunctions that might occur is related to the Fade Effect that our themes use. Scroll event triggers have been updated and Internet Explorer is unable to adapt to these changes thus not being able to render contents sometimes.

We have developed a fix for this, which disabled the Fade Effect globally on the website if it is accessed from an Internet Explorer browser (version 11 and below).

While this fix is still being tested, you can apply it manually to your website by adding the script below to your custom JS section:

jQuery(document).ready(function(){<br>var browser = jQuery.browser;<br>if(browser.mozilla && browser.version <= 11){<br>jQuery('body').addClass('flo-appear-disabled');<br>}<br>})

If you will notice that your website doesn’t show contents in an Internet Explorer browser, you might want to try out the suggestion above.

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