Anchor Tags

If you're trying to add anchor tags throughout your pages, it's needed to follow these steps:

1.  Go to the block that you want to connect. Go to Miscellaneous -> Block ID and add a unique id for your block. Make sure not to add any symbols before the id ( ie "#anchor-tag")

2. If you are working on a landing page and you want to add the anchor tag on your menu, you need to go to Appearance -> Menus. Add a Custom Links element and complete the information as needed:

3. If you want to add the anchor tag inside an existing flexblock block (or any other block that contains a CTA option), you just need to add the URL like this: 

4. To make the transition smoother, you need to add a bit of custom code. Go to Flothemes -> Generics -> Miscellaneous -> Custom CSS code and add the following snippet:

scroll-behavior: smooth;
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: smooth;

Hope this was helpful! 

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