How to switch from a Classic Theme to Mono

This tutorial is relevant for you even if you're switching to another Flextheme, not necessarily Mono.

The only difference is that when switching from a Classic Theme to Mono, you receive the Style Kit that corresponds to your Classic Theme.

You’ll have access to them additionally to the 1 free Style Kit that all Mono users will receive.⁣⁣

In the following tutorial we’ll show how to switch from the Classic Theme you currently have to our new Theme Mono and apply the corresponding style kit you have access to.

Intro Video: How to switch from a Classic Theme to Mono & Style Kit

In our first video we talk about:
– Installing and activating Flo Launch plugin , the steps you need to follow to start the cloning process and how to work in the clone mode
– Uploading and activating Mono Theme within FloLaunch
– Installing and activating or updating the Flex Block plugin
– How to get started with style kits in Flex Admin Page

  • adding Your Order key & clicking on Start Data Sync
  • exploring the available style kits & the one you have access to
  • installing a style kit
  • applying a style kit as a Global Style Kit
  • switching to another style kit
  • editing a style kit

How to recreate a page from your Classic Theme with Mono & the corresponding Style Kit

In this video we talk about:

– Recreating the Home 1 from Fiji with Mono & Fiji Style Kit
– Overview of blocks included with Mono + Fiji style kit
– How to overwrite the Global style kit for a single page
– How to work with and edit Flex blocks
– How to edit the mobile version of a block

Exploring Mono's premade page templates and blocks. What's the difference between Flex and WP blocks.

Inside your Mono theme you will notice that some blocks within your pages are labeled as “Flex” and others as “WP”. The WP blocks work exactly like the blocks inside your classic theme. The Flex blocks allow you to tweak and edit every single element and aspect inside the block. You can add, remove and move around elements (images, text, video, buttons, shapes, icons). You can resize them, change their color and proportions. Watch this video for a better understanding:

How to work with Flex blocks. How to repurpose existing block layouts.

If you’re new to Flex block and need a bit more information to fully grasp its features and functionality, please watch this video created by our French partner, Caroline Liabot. While she shows how to build a block from scratch (that’s how it worked with Classic themes) it should offer you a good understanding of how everything works inside the Flex editor:

And this one that explains that each Flex block can be repurposed and used for multiple needs and design ideas:

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