What's New in the Gutenberg Theme

Here is a quick overview:

Here are the things that are different from your current Flextheme:

  • Flex Block plugin that works inside Gutenberg, which is mandatory to be always installed for the theme to work properly, as it defines the global styling and is used for most of the theme blocks, the headers & footers.
  • A new Flo Gutenberg Blocks plugin which gives you access to a library of Gutenberg Blocks, which are replacing the old WP Blocks available inside Flothemes - Gallery, Slideshow, Listing blocks etc. (preview: https://prnt.sc/zzactr )
  • Headers & Footers built with Flex Block, which you can now edit, reset to default layouts and duplicate to create your own custom headers & footers. All are edited in Flex Block using the new flex elements: menu, logo, social links & search. (preview: https://recordit.co/KArNfkjMLD )
  • One single layout - now you can add your content as well as your blocks right inside Gutenberg. To get started with adding a block to a page (Flex Block or Gutenberg Block) find the "Add block" buttons, look for the ("+") icon. (preview: https://prnt.sc/zyt1cu)
  • Header & Footer Settings per page - You can find page related options such as the header, the footer, the page template under the Page Tab. The block specific options such as layout, typography, can be founder under the Block Tab. (preview: https://recordit.co/ZknoHMahZC)
  • Flothemes Page Templates are located in the top menu bar, click on "Change Template" if you want to apply a different template to a page with existing content, preview: https://prnt.sc/10mmf60
    Note: Some templates are being applied with errors, we are aware of this issue, it's a bug that will be fixed with the next updates.
  • Slideshows can be edited and created directly inside the page - https://recordit.co/FctNW84VL6. Here is how to make a slideshow full width: https://prnt.sc/zzbo9s
  • Global Layouts - The Global layouts can be found under the Flothemes tab >> Layouts, here you can set/edit the global layout for your Galleries, Posts and Generic Pages (Search, Archive & 404) preview: https://recordit.co/LpfmMv2JNN
    All can be edited in Gutenberg using both Flex and Gutenberg blocks.
  • For Galleries & Posts you can create Custom Layouts (similar as it works with headers & footers). If you want to use a Custom Template instead of the Global change it in the templates section: https://recordit.co/a0i5KR5z0R
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