Image Grid element in Flex

With the image grid element you can showcase a gallery of photos that open in a pop-up once you click on them, or you can imitate an Instagram feed. To access this feature you'll need to update your Flex Block plugin to it's latest version (minimum version you need is – 4.2.)

In order to add an Image Grid element to a flex block, click on the Add Element icon in your top bar. In the expanded bar click on the Image Grid element and use one of the layouts available: squares or masonry.

You can adjust the following settings:

- Number of images per row (max. being 6)

- Gap between images

- Add a link to the grid (to imitate the Instagram feed layout)

- Enable Open images in Popup

The Open images in Popup option will create a gallery with the Lightbox effect (as showcased below).

- Choose Image size

Chose between small, medium or large sizes, small images will make the page load faster at the expense of some image quality.

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