Context menu functionality

Context Menu allows you to Copy any Element inside Flex, its styling properties, and applied animations. Then paste any of those inside the same Flex block, or different flex blocks, on the same page, or a different page. 

To preserve time it can also be used for groups of elements, through the Group/Ungroup, Copy/Paste Group options.

To access the Context Menu right-click into the element, and choose to Copy it or its styling properties. Afterward, choose the block into which you want to Paste the element, or choose the element into which you want to Paste the styling properties.

With Context Menu you gain access to the Rotate Bar, this setting is available for certain elements and enables you to rotate the element and position it in new and creative ways. Just open the Context Menu and select Show Rotate Bar. An additional line and handle will appear at the top of the element, that will allow you to rotate the element.

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