What's New in Flex (v. 4.6.4)

The new version of your Flex block plugin 4.6.4 brings a list of improvements and bug fixes, such as:

<NEW> Back to top element -> Sticky functionality, new Layout Options, new Icons

<NEW> Counter Element in Slideshow

<FIX> Support Subscription Activation Enhancements
<FIX>  Tabs elements in Group - Settings Tab Blocked
<FIX> Menu Items element bug
<FIX> Tabs & Slideshow Content -> Image Focal point adjustments
<FIX> Popup auto-appear option disabled by default
<FIX> Elements Tooltips Update
<FIX>  Increase Slide time in slideshow

Here's how you can set up and customize your Back to Top Element.

Need some guidance and tutorials on how to use Flex to spice up your website? Read this.

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