WordPress 5.5. updates

WordPress 5.5 | Everything you need to know before you update

Classic themes, Flexthemes, and Flo plugins have been tested - everything works well

Some of you noticed that there’s a WordPress update available inside your website’s dashboard, and are probably wondering if it’s safe to update, what does version 5.5 include, etc. Here’s a quick overview of the main new features and functionality: 

1. Native Lazy-Loading for Images

We've checked the Posts, Galleries(all layouts), Slideshow Blocks, and some other blocks with images - the results were all positive.

2. Auto-Update options for public plugins

Now you can enable an auto-updater for your plugins that are present in the WordPress repository(this includes FloForms, but not other Flothemes plugins). Here’s a quick screenshot of how the new option looks.

3. Gutenberg Block Editor updates (including a Block Directory & Block Patterns)

  • The interface feels simplified and more intuitive. You’ll notice more diverse preview options, improved color, text, image, and link controls. Also, you’ll notice a new library of third-party blocks that you can add to your Gutenberg Editor to diversify the structure of your pages and posts - such as sliders, columns with text, etc. They are all compatible with our themes.
  • The Block Patterns are predefined block templates that can help you add more complex layouts to your pages and posts in a matter of seconds. Here’s a quick example.
  • You can use the predefined ones, or create your own custom ones and save them for later. They will all be stored in the Reusable tab.

4. WordPress rolled out its own Sitemap tool

According to their team, it should not conflict with any sitemap plugins you may have installed on your website (we’ll be investigating this further and sharing more details in the upcoming days). 

If you want to dive deeper into all the features, new options, and functionality, you can check out this article by Kinsta.

How to Update to WordPress 5.5

  1. Create a backup for your website. Here’s how.
  2. Update WordPress.
  3. If you haven’t already, make sure to also update your theme & FlexBlock Plugin.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache.
  5. Refresh the page.

Troubleshooting Issues after updating to WordPress 5.5: 

Our themes and plugins have been tested and small adjustments have been made to assure compatibility with WP 5.5. Thus, make sure that your theme and Flo Plugins are updated.
There might be, however, other plugins that might cause issues due to this update.
If after updating to WordPress 5.5. your website is down or you notice that specific functionalities on your website are broken, we recommend going to your plugins section and deactivating your plugins one by one until you find the corrupt one. After you identify the troublemaker, it’s best to keep that plugin deactivated until its creator officially announces that it’s compatible with WP 5.5.
If you still can’t find the reason why your website is broken, please submit a ticket and our team will help. 
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