Adding Assets (Icons & Textures) to Flex

How to add assets 

Assets are the decorative elements that are shown on some of our demo websites. Some can be page dividers with small icons, textures or simply icons. This would depend on the theme design.

There can be 2 file types included in your assets folder, images (.jpg, .png) and vectors (.svg) And you can use them by adding the element that corresponds.

In order to add an Image or SVG to a flex block, click on the Add Element icon in your top bar. 

The main advantage of the SVG is that you can change the it can be scaled up or down, but its file size and resolution do not change. 

And you can also change the color.

How to download assets

If your theme supports assets you can download them in My Account >> Downloads >> Download Additional Files or in Flex Admin >> Style Kits.

The following tutorial will explain where to find the assets and how to use them on your website:

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