Saving your own blocks in Flex

The functionality that allows you to save your own Flex blocks as Custom Blocks is available for all Flextheme users. To access it you'll need to update your Flex Block plugin to it's latest version (minimum version you need is – 4.2.)

This new feature allows you to save your own Flex blocks and reuse them on other pages. All you need to do is give your block a name and save it to "My Blocks". You can later apply it from the popup within the predesigned flex blocks library. Note that any change you make to the blocks will not affect the original block.

Though, you can rename the block at any time:

Mark as favorite and all your favorite blocks will appear first in the list:

Or delete the block(s) you no longer need in your library:

What's else is new in Flex v 4.2.0?

New elements: Image Grid - use it to showcase a gallery or imitate an Instagram feed and Lottie element - use it to add a Lottie animation to your website.

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